Typepad, Blogger or WordPress?

OK. I registered the domain names – www.writeacrossmedia.com and www.writeacrossmedia.com.au – weeks ago. I have had the best intentions in the world to start blogging. But which software to use? I have used Blogger several times before to create blogs for clients and friends (http://www.vanessagorman.com/blog.htm, http://www.spikemilliganlegacy.com/blog/index.htm) and, more recently, Typepad (http://theburningseasonmovie.typepad.com/) but what app for my own soapbox? I made a list of the features I want from a blog (not fussy at all, you see):

  1. Ability to amend publication date (so you can, you know, cheat)
  2. Ability for visitors to add commments
  3. RSS
  4. Index of recent posts
  5. List of categories
  6. Embedded, automatically updated tag cloud
  7. Brief profile and link back to my main site, www.evolvemedia.com.au
  8. Ability for visitors to automatically add my blog to Digg and del.icious.us
  9. Ability to embed ads by Google
  10. My personal blogroll (my fav blogs)
  11. List of my most popular blog entries
  12. And, most importantly of all, ability to use my domains, www.writeacrossmedia.com and www.writeacrossmedia.com.au

So now I commence the journey of assessing the three blog apps I know… I’d love to do it in the next 14 minutes, before episode four of EAST OF EVERYTHING commences, but I don’t like my chances. You see, I am not dying to see the series because I actually enjoy it, but because I am hoping/praying that tonight – under the stewardship of Matthew Saville (director of one of my fav Aussie films of all time, NOISE) – that the overly earnest, terribly cliche series redeems itself.

Fingers crossed. Over and out.

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