‘The price of sugar’ vanishes

Last week I received an email, like all other subscribers to the SBS documentary e-newsletter, about a documentary called 'The price of sugar', which was to be broadcast last night at 8.30pm on SBS.

Here's what the newsletter looked like to prove it:


Given that I am currently researching a documentary about sugar, I was very keen to watch this doco, so put a reminder in my calendar (and told dozens of friends and colleagues to do the same). So imagine my surprise when I switched on SBS last night to find it had been replaced by a doco called 'Please vote for me'. Perplexed, I checked the hard copy TV guides and found evidence it was to have been broadcast in one (The Sunday Telegraph TV Guide) but not the other (The Weekend Australian Review). Even stranger, a search for 'The price of sugar' on the SBS web site returns only one unrelated news item, while a search on Google leads to the Enhance TV web site, which once listed the documentary in its catalogue but now displays the following:

  EnhanceTV >> Warning 

Access denied !

You are not allowed to access that resource! 

Error ID: 33  

Read between the lines to gather why this late minute change is suspicious. I wished I'd taken a sneak peek when I had the chance! Fortunately there's a web site at www.thepriceofsugar.com which provides a glimpse of the film. I am trying to find out why SBS replaced it, and whether it will screen in future…

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