Stuck in reality on a Mac

Last week, a guy called Danny Stefanic emailed me inviting me to link to him on LinkedIn, so that he could let me know when the web would be available in 3D. In general I am suspicious of unsolicited email (who isn't?) and I didn't have time to check out his credentials, so I didn't accept the invitation. A few days later, I received Danny's official media invite to the launch of Exit Reality in Melbourne at Federation Square. The invite said "ExitReality, a new technology that will turn every webpage in the world into 3D (three dimensions), allowing visitors to see each other and experience the entire Internet as a virtual world." How exciting, except I would be in Brisbane and not Melbourne on the day of the launch (Thursday 18 September). Never mind, Danny said I could join the launch in 3D. Except I can't – because I am on a Mac. How sad. The fact that Exit Reality only works on Windows has really pissed off some bloggers, like Greg Luck, who doesn't feel so lucky. I am not going to grumble, yet… I just emailed Danny, asking him when it would be available for Mac OSX. I will keep you posted.

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