Rethinking Death and Dying podcast

There’s compelling evidence that preparing for death enables us to live life to the fullest. It’s the natural and sacred end of life, yet many people don’t acknowledge the realities of death until they have no other choice. Kerry Sunderland facilitates a discussion that’s guaranteed to improve your ‘death literacy’.  Lynda Hannah, Dr Kiri Edge, Coroner Marcus Elliott (contributors to the new anthology, Death and Dying in New Zealand) and memoirist Pip Desmond (Song for Rosaleen) will examine how societal changes and Māori traditions can help us rethink death and dying. We’ll explore the benefits of talking openly about death – especially with our family – when we’re still well. We’ll consider how we can approach imminent death differently – giving our dying more agency over their final days – and examine notions of a ‘good death’ and ‘better bereavement’.