Write Across Media specialises in writing, editing and creative planning for all types of publications, media projects and digital productions. With 20 years experience in digital content production, Kerry Sunderland has supported clients operating in the creative industries, sustainable businesses, public health, and the tourism and travel sector.
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Write Across Media writes clean and engaging copy for all forms of media (specialising in online content development and interactive scriptwriting since 1996). Write Across Media's founder and princip... Read More
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Online strategy

Which online platform is right for reaching those with whom you want to connect, inform, entertain or engage? Write Across Media works with you to understand what you are trying to achieve, and then r... Read More
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Web project management

In many web projects, Write Across Media's Kerry Sunderland operates as an interpreter or translator - providing that essential link between a client (who may not have specialist in-house digital or c... Read More
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Coaching and training

Write Across Media is committed to supporting and nurturing digital literacy across organisations. Kerry Sunderland works closely with clients to understand their training requirements and to de... Read More
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Write Across Media offers editing services for both print publications and digital media. Kerry Sunderland has more than a decade’s experience as a magazine editor, but has also worked on newsl... Read More

Creative planning

Give Write Across Media a blank canvas and see what we can create. Working in close collaboration with your key stakeholders, we can develop creative campaign strategies for any budget, from $150 to $... Read More