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Am staying in Melbourne with my good friend Kayt, who has project managed (at DT Digital) a new web site for our prime minister –

The site features video (hosted on YouTube) and a whole bunch of social networking links. You can even follow Kevin on Twitter… I have resisted joining Twitter since February this year, when friends/colleagues first sung its praises, but now I may have a reason to join… Will Kevin update his Twitter himself or is it a new part of his publicist's job description?

Apparently the PM's department aren't doing any publicity about the new site, but dozens of people have already added him as a friend on Facebook.


Despite no official announcement, the Twitter feed proved so popular on the night of the launch that it reportedly crashed the site – read 'Too many Twitters drown out Rudd web site'. Journalist Asher Moses describes Kevin's foray into social media as a 'a high-tech arms race to win the hearts and minds of switched-on Australians'.

Meanwhile, president-elect Barack Obama will reportedly have to forgo his Blackberry. Apparently Tony Blair never used a computer in all the time he was PM. I am told he went on a training course when he left office but got confused when they kept telling him to click on the icon because he said he couldn’t find any pictures of himself on the screen ;-) 

Still haven't seen the a position vacant ad for 'PM Twitter Manager' on Seek…

3 thoughts on “Kevin does Twitter

  1. Hi Kerry, it’s a shame its a Web 1.0 not a 2.0 site – using YouTube and other social channels to push out a message not communicate back and forwards. Still the Web 1.0 feedback form is pretty 🙂
    Is that the Kayt that worked at Support Centre Optus years ago?
    Ah well, back to SPAA presentation 🙂

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