Journey Beyond Road Trauma classroom resources launched today

Today is the launch of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2021. To commemorate this important date, Sandra Cook and I (who are the founders the Journey Beyond Road Trauma (JBRT) online community), with the support of the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation (AER) Foundation, are launching the JBRT Classroom Resources.
The resources use content and videos from the JBRT community to educate students about the effects of careless driving. The JBRT platform provides teachers with a motivational tool for interactive learning in the 21st century classroom. With web based content and resources, a teacher can conduct a JBRT unit of study entirely digitally.

We are promoting this to 31,000 teachers in Australia and New Zealand. Encourage your local school to use this resource!

A big thank you to all community members who are sharing their story on JBRT to make a positive impact.

Visit the JBRT Classroom Resources now!

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