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In the past 24 hours, I finalised the May 2008 edition of Research News for the printers, produced a flyer about the World Taiji Boxing Association 2008 Australasian camp, participated in a focus group about the creative industries in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales… and watched the Australian premiere of JOHN FROM CINCINNATI.

It was the full page ads in two publications on my mandatory reading list (the Weekend Australian mag, and the Sunday Telegraph mag – but only for Johnathon Cainer’s astrology tips, of course) that motivated me to log on to Austar and update my account to include Showcase. The promise that the series was as profound as THE SOPRANOS and created by the same team as DEADWOOD really nailed it for me. Therefore the show disappointed me until about the 13 minute mark (don’t quote me on the precision of my time keeping) when  Mitch Yost hovered 10cm above ground. After that, I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode.

Being a multi-platform producer, I wanted to check out the online version of JOHN FROM CINCINNATI today. A title search on Google led me to the official (US) HBO site, where I discovered that clicking on anything other than the standard production info led me to a spoiler about the final episode of series one playing in the United States. I don’t live there, so was naturally disappointed. (Added to that, the site ‘took over’ my browser and displayed it full screen, which annoys the hell out of any 24 inch monitor owner.)

Then I clicked the ‘pages from Australia’ option and didn’t have any more joy. No sponsored links to be found. You think Austar could afford, after all that very expensive print advertising, to spend a few dollars on Google Adwords.

So now the dog’s going off… so I am going to investigate, and also to track down those weekend mags which might shed light on the Australian URL.

…OK, I am back. Found the slightly wrinkled, coffee stained Weekend Australian mag. Drum roll…
the URL is… but of course!

When I get there, what do I find? A very BORING three options (all brochure-ware): episode outlines, character profiles and an image gallery. Yawn.

Austar/Foxtel might well take a leaf out of the LOST book:

Bye for now,

Kerry from Ocean Shores


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