Into the Light

Last night I atttended Into the Light, the seventh annual screening of short films made with the support of QPIX, Queensland's screen resource and development centre (for which I used to publish At the screening, QPIX executive director Kerry O'Rourke announced a major new television production initiative with Channel Seven Brisbane and web development company BRANDRALLY. Students in this ground-breaking new course will actually produce a low-budget series to television deadlines and at the same time receive a Diploma of Screen and Media (CUF50107) with a specialisation in television.

“This is how we always work”, said O’Rourke. “When trainees focus on producing the work itself, the training follows automatically”. 

The series for this first course will be a seven-episode, magazine format, children’s television entertainment series on the environment, from the backyard to the bush. It will have a television broadcast shape, but will be accompanied by a web site, and students will work in both areas during their course. The web site will be a light-hearted mix of entertainment, competition, information and education.

Pictured below is good friend and documentary maker Cathy Henkel, my date for the screening.

Into the Light

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