Have finally relented

OK, I have resisted for about a year, but I have finally relented and set up a Twitter account. You can see my posts on the top right of this blog or visit my tweets at www.twitter.com/evolvemediaoz. I have not only relented and dived into the busy, cacophonous pool that is Twitter in my own professional life, but I am trying to establish the Twitter account for The Burning Season at www.twitter.com/burningseason - that is, before it gets embraced by my 'ghitterer' (that's a ghost Twitterer BTW).

Why so reluctant to join? Well, I am not exactly an 'early adopter' when it comes to technology, despite what many people might think. Sure, I stood in the queue for an iPhone, but I could have bought a jail-broken one months before… There is more evidence too… first, I absolutely abhor SMS speak (with a few exceptions, like BTW). I was editing an article today, in which my interviewee said her pet hates were spelling errors and sniffing – ah, a women after my own heart (although I could also add cutting toenails inside) – but I digress…

The main reason I have resisted Twitter is because I fear it will MEAN MORE HOURS IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN. Hey, I love my iMac. I love my job as a writer and cross-platform documentary producer. But even more than that I love the outdoors, walking my dog, playing taiji, spending time with friends in the same time/space dimension. Forty-five hours (the average time I spend in front of my computer every week) is ENOUGH already.

Why I have relented? Well it's a great way to connect with people and report on things in a flash. And it's a great way to keep plugged into what those I respect are saying, like my fellow RMIT alumni Kath Shelper (who has just produced Samson and Delilah, which won best picture at the Adelaide Film Festival) and Mark Pesce.

So I have taken the plunge, and will keep you posted on how it goes…

(If you are reading this and have a Twitter account, please follow me because I am friend-less at the moment…)

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