Flirting with multiple media channels

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen a teenager, a computer and a TV in the same room at the same time that Aussie youth are internet crazy and flirt with multiple media channels simultaneously, but research company Synovate has just released a research report that confirms it.

The Synovate Young Aussies study reveals media perceptions and consumption, purchase habits, attitudes, leisure activities and socialising habits. The Young Aussies study is part of the Young Asians study, which is conducted in 11 markets across Asia Pacific, including Australia for the first time.

"Ninety eight percent of Aussie youth are connected to the internet, and they are hungry for knowledge," says Synovate’s Aussie CEO Brent Stewart. "Youth are able to connect through multiple media channels at once and absorb a huge amount of information."

Synovate says eight to 24 year olds in Australia are fitting an astonishing 38 hours of activities into every 24 hour period by multi-tasking. This includes an average of 3.4 hours online every day.

The media channel youth most enjoy is the internet, with 53% of youth saying they enjoy spending time on the internet, compared to 18% for watching television, 7% for reading magazines, 6% for listening to the radio, and 2% for reading the newspaper. Young Aussies are actually using the internet to do more traditional activities like read the newspaper and listen to the radio.

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