Fabi the whale travels Oz for Visual Petition

A few months ago my good friend, business colleague and mad keen surfer Russell Green from RUCC Pty Ltd told me about Visual Petition, and asked me for my support. Visual Petition is a global petition for the conservation of marine animals, backed by Byron local and soul surfer Dave Rastovich and numerous other surfing luminaries. Jack Johnson, Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Wolfmother, Missy Higgins,
Xavier Rudd, Mick Fanning, Ben Harper, Taj Burrow and many more have added
their names to the growing petition. But they also gave it a face, many

Only a few nights after I joined the petition – and gave it a very unfamous face – another good friend of mine, the fabulous Fabiola, offered to make a paper mache whale for me to take to Melbourne, where I was attending a 40th birthday party – the ideal setting to collect more pictures/signatures. Fabi the whale was born.

Surfers for Cetaceans, the group behind the Visual Petition, will be attending the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Chile in June 2008, where it  will be printing out all of the visual petitions onto three huge banners, to be presented to the IWC delegates and the international media in protest of the dolphin and whale killing.

Fabi_with_fabiFabi the whale has since been embraced by almost 100 people and pictures of her now form part of the ‘petition wall’, which will become the banners presented at the IWC meeting. You can see part of the petition wall, starring Fabi the whale of course, by clicking on the link below.

View part of the petition wall, starring Fabi the whale

The full petition wall is online at http://www.visualpetition.com/slippages/petitionwall.php

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