Evolve Media evolves… into ‘Write Across Media’

After 14 years, Evolve Media has evolved. It has rebranded as Write Across
Media and our e-marketing system (VeMail) also gets a new name, connect.

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I first registered the business name Evolve Media Consulting back in 1999.
I’d just flown home from London to Melbourne and wanted to give freelancing a
go. Evolve Media’s first clients were RUCC Pty Ltd and the Victoria
Teachers Credit Union – two good friends (Russell Green and Natalie Milnes)
were willing to give me a shot. Likewise, my first major contract was with the
Australian Market and Social Research Society (then known as the Market
Research Society of Australia) – again, a big nod to my friend Carla Stacey,
who invited me to tender for the contract.

Soon, the business evolved from being a company that
provided professional media production services to friends, to being one that
formed new friendships with its clients.

Over the past 14 years, Evolve Media has provided
professional services to the following organisations (a great way to meet and
make new friends):

  • Australian College of Applied Psychology
  • Australian Human Resources Institute
  • Association of Market and Social Research Organisations
  • Australian Market and Social Research Society (helmed by the
    most supportive client ever, Elissa Molloy)
  • Blackadder Communications (Jesse Blackadder has gone on to
    publish three novels and a delightful children’s book about a dog called
  • Cherrington Evans (thanks Tracey Evans and Danielle
  • Crawford Productions (heads up to the irrepressible Cate
    McQuillan for getting me this gig and totally understanding when I
    subcontracted to the wonderful Wendy Gray)
  • Editforce
  • Enchanted Edge Media
  • Ethical Investment Services
  • Filmink Magazine
  • Great Apes Survival Project (GRASP)
  • GT Films (Jeff Canin deserves a medal of honour for
    filmmaking perseverance)
  • Hatchling Productions
  • Hardie Grant Publishing
  • Incite Stories
  • Inside Film Magazine
  • Journey Beyond Road Trauma (big nod to Sandra Cook)
  • Metro Magazine
  • MRQA
  • Next Wave Media (who gave me my first writing gig in the
    Northern Rivers, despite the fact that, at the time, I didn’t know a Pandanus from
    a pot plant!!)
  • Project Sprout (yo Aliison Kelly)
  • QPIX (howdy K1, Kerry O’Rourke)
  • Riverview Guesthouse
  • Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV)
  • RUCC Pty Ltd (big surf to you, Russell Green)
  • Screenworks
  • Screenzone
  • Smart Card Saver
  • Soulvision Films
  • Tribeca Corporation Ltd
  • Twenty20 (some strategy work on the TV series, East of
    Everything, and what a pleasure working with Deb Cox and Fiona Eagger)
  • Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Virgo Productions (the best Creator I’ve ever worked with,
    Cathy Henkel)
  • Vanessa Gorman (what can I say, Vanessa, you gave me
    inspiration to live)
  • Victorian Teachers Credit Union (VTCU)
  • VizPoets.

Evolve Media has also given the following companies
e-marketing capabilities:

  • Alchemy Equities
  • Arts Mid North Coast
  • Australian Financial Publications
  • Byron Community and Cultural Centre
  • Colour Streams
  • Financial Services Technology
  • Green PR
  • Narba Treks
  • Online Story Exchange Pty Ltd
  • Pathways Foundation
  • Russell Kelly Strategic Communications
  • Screenlinks
  • Screenworks
  • Uncle Project
  • Vitality4Life
  • The Word of Mouth Company (hi Jo, hope to see you at Eagle’s
    Nest again one day)

Now that Evolve Media has rebranded as Write Across Media
(it's no coincidence it has evolved from being my blog to being my business name),
it signifies a new chapter in my life – one in which I want to focus much more
on the art of storytelling and my strengths as a writer. 

I look forward to continuing the journey with my current
clients, welcoming back former clients and meeting some great new friends along
the way….

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