Driver or fighter?

A very clever 19-year-old university student called Zac Martin has proposed a new way of segmenting the blogosphere.

So now I am trying to work out where I fit. I am leaning towards 'driver', because I always aim to develop conversations, ask the right questions and get people thinking. Perhaps a good example would be my post in April last year, titled 'To Ning or not to Ning?', which has, quite bizarrely, become the number one Google search result for 'Ning sucks'.  Of, and I have also been accused of being earnest more than once in my life and I can write quite lengthy pieces…

Or am I a 'fighter'? With the exception of the 'Ning sucks' search result, I am hardly top of the blogosphere food chain (although I have, more than once, suspected other bloggers have pinched my leads and scoops without acknowledgment – you know who you are, and you really should embrace attribution on blogs in the same spirit as the good old RT on Twitter). On the other hand, I am not afraid to take on the big guys but 'flame wars' are definitely not my style. And, as a practicing journalist, I also like to back up my opinions with some evidence.

So, what do you think? I would love it if you could help me answer Zac's second question: Which quadrant do other people see you in?

Look forward to hearing from you!

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