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It's been a long time between posts, but I have been playing tai chi (blissfully free of technology) for the past week or so. Firelight Production's new cross platform project SCORCHED has prompted me to return to the fold.

I first learnt about SCORCHED two years ago at SPAA Fringe, where Firelight Productions producer Marcus Gillezeau plays a major role. SCORCHED also got developed at AFTRS LAMP, where the Enlight/Evolve Media co-production TOUCHED BY THE ROAD TOLL also set sail.

Urban Cinefile reports that SCORCHED stars Cameron Daddo, Vince Colosimo, Rachel Carpani and Georgie Parker. It also notes that it is part of "an evolutionary project that represents the most sophisticated and comprehensive cross-platform presentation yet created for a movie in this country". 

The interactive online component launched on 11 August, leading up to the 90 minute telemovie, directed by Tony Tilse, broadcast on the Nine Network about eight weeks later. 

The Australian's Michael Bodey reported on 14 August: "The melding of media's digital and broadcast landscape receives another kick with this week's premiere of 20 two-minute drama webisodes, Cassie Has Dreams, which will accompany the premiere of the drama SCORCHED, starring Georgie Parker and Vince Colosimo, on Nine later this year."

I wish Marcus and Ellenor all the best for SCORCHED and applaud their ingenuity for encouraging audience participation using third party applications – obviously dictated by a tiny budget for online media content and functionality after they produced and directed the telemovie. For example, invites audiences to contribute their own content – but instead of providing the ability to automatically upload it, asks them to create, and then send, a blog link, text, You Tube or embed code. 

Sadly, it appears no one (apart from the main production crew) has yet done so. If I wasn't so busy, I would be out there with my video camera imagining what it would be like living in Sydney in 2012 in midst of a unprecedented drought in the middle of summer…

Thank God I live in Byron…

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