Apple slow off the mark with Qik so it’s just 12seconds

Like many others, I had so much fun watching the "live" video of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore streamed from their home office and kitchen in the days leading up to, and on the night of, the Oscars that I quickly signed up for a new Qik account. I couldn't wait to turn my iPhone into a video camera capable of delivering video posts online in a matter of seconds.

Qik is mobile live video sharing that enables you to broadcast events and news spontaneously.

Ashton has been a member of Qik since September and, since then, has posted about 116 videos revealing intimate unscripted (although hardly unplanned) moments in his celebrity marriage. Demi still looks really hot in low res.

Sadly, though, my ambitions to become a fellow Qik broadcaster alongside Ashton were thwarted when, after at least an hour of trawling through the Qik support forums I found out that it only works on jail-broken iPhones. This, despite the fact that Qik lists the iPhone 3G as one of its 'supported phones'. Like many other frustrated Qik customers, I was more than a little bit annoyed that they didn't tell me up-front that this was the case. (At least they give you a cute little emoticon to express that you're annoyed.)

Qik's official rep says "We have no insights to what Apple's plans are, we wish we had more to tell you." It seems the main problem is that while it's clearly technically possible, Apple are not prepared to support video on the iPhone and so are not willing to make Qik available in the official Apps store.

Meanwhile, an Australian start-up called has launched a "band-aid" solution of sorts. According to co-founder Sol Lipman, wants to be the "Twitter of video". He argues that anything more than 12 seconds is usually boring. Mmmm.

The app is available (for free) from the Apps store and basically enables you – on your iPhone - to stitch together three still images (with automatic dissolves between each), record 12 seconds of audio as a soundtrack and automatically post it to their web site where you can view it or embed it elsewhere, like on your Facebook page, or here:

[iPhone] Lappie takes me for a walk on

Of course, you can actually record and post full motion vision using your webcam via the web site. 

This app isn't going to help me or anyone else win any Oscars – and I think I've proven that it's easy to be boring in 12 seconds or less – but it reveals what the potential may one day be when Apple catches up. 

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